Birthday: April 2, 2013

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These delightful twins came to us when they were about nine months old. They were transferred to us from another children’s home, which took very good care of them. When Nyokabi and Benta came to us, they were robust and always smiling.

As you can imagine, they command a lot of attention from visitors, who are taken with their cuteness. They definitely abound with personality. However, like most twins, Nyokabi and Benta have distinctly different dispositions. Benta is the one that is always talking. She is constantly in motion and can barely be put to sit down for more than a couple of minutes. Nyokabi is always thinking. Her smiles need to be earned, but she loves playing and singing. Both are extremely bright and very active.

We believe in their bright future and we are glad they are part of our Rehema Home family. We look forward to seeing all the wonderful things they accomplish and the way they embrace the world with those charming smiles.