levi kamau

Birthday: July 31, 2009

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Rehema Home Levi DSC_6083.jpg

Levi joined the Rehema Home Nairobi family when he was only a toddler. He came to us by way of another organization who kept him in good health but he seemed to only understand his tribal tongue. Here, at Rehema Home Nairobi, the children speak Swahili and English. It took him some time to learn the languages, but now he is an excellent communicator.

Today, Levi attends our primary school where he continues to excel. He is a natural born leader amongst his peers and always has a following of friends. When it is his turn to do chores in the kitchen, he shows his industrious and helpful nature.

Levi is very amicable and can play with anyone, whether you just met him or have known him for years. Levi really loves connecting with people and he isn’t intimidated by new faces. 

We feel privileged to have this little guy as a part of our Home knowing he makes this world brighter just by being in it.