Joy wanjiru

Birthday: August 2, 2010

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We would like to introduce you to Joy. She is the kind of child that will leave a mark on your heart, the likes of which you will never recover. Upon, first meet, one cannot help but be struck by her. Her eyes are deep pools of wonder, survival, and so much more that cannot be described by mere words. They haunt you, they touch you and they connect with your core. She is small, but her impact is great.

Joy was born in the Nyeri province of Kenya. She had been in a house fire when she was merely eleven months old. The crown of her head is severely burned as a result. She endured several hospital stays and skin grafts. Eventually, her mother passed away, and a hospital in Nyeri contacted us about her. When she arrived she was sickly, weak and malnourished. She had lost her strength to walk, even though she was approaching her second birthday. But most jarring about her were her sad eyes and her seeming inability to smile. She had already been through so much hardship in her short life, but that was all about to change.

Joy is now a happy and healthy girl. She has a loud voice, a love for running around the yard and an excitement to go to school. Her transformation has been wonderful. You would never know this was the same girl who came to our home, so small and helpless. At this rate, we cannot even imagine what she will accomplish in her life. Her story has just begun.