Essie Ngina

Birthday: March 12, 2016

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Essie (Esther) came to us when she was twenty months old. She was malnourished and in need of some overall care. She seemed quite shy and cautious, but ready to be part of our family. It did not take long for her to grow stronger and be a typical Rehema Home child. 

Essie has a quirky little personality. She socializes when she feels like it and does her own thing happily when she doesn’t. She rarely gets angry, but smiles do not come cheaply. You can already tell from her personality that she is sure of herself and her trust cannot be easily attained. Essie can also be incredibly tender and warm.   

Essie is just at the beginning of her life story. There are many pages yet to be filled. But we are sure that her unique character will soon weave a wonderful narrative. We are just happy to feature in it.