Rehema Home is one organization with two distinct locations, two international fundraising offices, and a worldwide family of supporters, but at the end of the day we are a Home.




Since the 1970s Irvin and Ruth Schwandt have made it their life's mission to provide healing and peace to others in Africa. From building a recording studio to broadcast biblical teachings across the country, to opening an orphanage of their own in 1998, they have worked tirelessly to serve others. Married for 41 years, they have three children and live at the Nairobi location of Rehema Home.


Our History

The Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) asked career missionaries Ruth and Irvin Schwandt to start an orphanage. It was the overcrowding and horrendous conditions of the government homes that galvanized Irvin and Ruth Schwandt to provide proper, loving care for Kenya’s abandoned and orphaned children. Rehema Home was founded in 1998—starting with only four children.


Irvin and Ruth have created a dynamic Home where every child is known by name, receives individual attention, and is challenged to fulfill their God-given purpose. Rehema Home is committed to caring for each child, regardless of their health status, taking them into our Home and providing them with love and instilling in them a hope for a future. We have heard it from many visitors who have walked through our doors, “You are not an orphanage, you are a Home.”

Rehema Home is unique, we are not a “Western Organization” attempting to do some good in a “Third World” country. We are a Kenyan organization, led by Kenyan leaders who have responded to a need within their communities.


Our Homes





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