We rescue orphaned and abandoned children in Africa.

Rehema Home is a Kenyan organization, founded in 1998 by Kenyan leaders who refused to ignore the orphan crisis in their communities. We currently care for nearly 100 children, half of whom are HIV positive.

Rehema Home is one organization with two distinct locations, two international fundraising offices, and a worldwide family of supporters, but at the end of the day we are a Home.


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FULL NAME: Emmanuel Aura BIRTHDAY: June 22, 2009 Emmanuel is a healthy, vivacious, and mischievous little boy. He is known for his sweet giggle, his lovable sense of humor, and his keen sense of [...]

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Excerpts from Tangazo!

Welcome, Abdi & Peter!

Join us in welcoming two new boys to our Rehema Home family! Abdullah "Abdi" (age 5 years) and Peter (age 18 months) have recently moved in at our Rehema Home Nairobi location. Both boys [...]

Life Learnings

January marks the beginning of the school year in Kenya. Returning to school after a long break is always a welcome adjustment for the children and staff at Rehema Home. The chaos of special outings and [...]

Pause & Pose

Sometimes, you just need to pause from the work, the chores, the to-do list, and just be still...literally! Give yourself a break and watch our kids at Rehema Home Nairobi take on the Mannequin Challenge. [...]