Wesley Suba

Birthday: June 10, 2001

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Rehema Home Wesley DSC_5635.jpg

Wesley is a unique young man. He is a gifted artist and a good football (soccer) player. Though his attributes seem typical for a person his age, he is very much his own person. Wesley is quiet and can seem serious when you first meet him, but you will soon find out that he has very strong feelings and a soft heart.

Wesley was born in the Kapenguria region of Kenya. His family contacted Rehema Home Nairobi when he was one year old because they were unable to take care of him. Thankfully, Wesley was one of the rare ones who arrived in good health. We have continued to watch him thrive and become a wonderful young man. He is a well-rounded person, who plays various sports. In spite of Wesley’s quiet demeanor, he loves to make new friends. The artist in Wesley loves the colors “light and dark blue.”

Wesley hopes to work in IT and we don’t doubt his potential for whatever he wants to achieve.