STeven Mworia

Birthday: May 27, 2000

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Rehema Home Steven DSC_5452.jpg

Steven is our resident gentle giant. He easily stands a head above the rest of the children his age. However, he is far from intimidating; to his core, he is a gentle soul. A house full of nearly seventy children can get very noisy and it is guaranteed that in the cacophony of voices, his is not one to be heard.

Steven joined our Rehema Home Nairobi family when he was almost one year old. He was transferred to us from a hospital in the Meru region of Kenya. He was extremely weak and malnourished. He didn’t seem to have enough strength to hold himself up. Nevertheless, as usual, prayer and proper love and care changed Steven’s life.

Now, this robust young man aspires to be a chef. As he helps in the kitchen, his passion is quite obvious. That coupled with his servant’s heart, really endears him to you. What is obvious with Steven is what we have seen with so many of our other children here at Rehema Home Nairobi, their start in life does not define their experience in life. Perhaps someday we can all taste of Steven’s success.