Silas Kiarie

Birthday: June 17, 2004

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DSC_0442 Silas.jpg

Silas became a part of our Rehema Home Nairobi family when he was nearly ten months old. He was in the care of another Home. He was extremely malnourished and weak, but the first Home had admitted him into hospital. He was able to recover and though he was still ill when he arrived, he has really grown!

Today, Silas is a very active boy. When looking out the window, one could spy Silas doing summersaults and handstands in the yard. He also loves to steer Harry, who uses a wheelchair, around the grounds of Rehema Home Nairobi. Silas also happens to be head of his class. Inside that ball of energy and noise, otherwise known as a Rehema Home boy, lies a sweet heart and a sharp mind.

Silas has battled his way through life, even at such a young age, and he has been victorious. There doesn’t seem to be anything that can get him down. And we feel proud to get to know him.