Samuel Ngina

Birthday: December 17, 1999

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Rehema Home Samuel DSC_5735.jpg

Samuel is definitely a one-of-a-kind guy. It’s hard to define Samuel or put him in a box because he is so unique. Initial impressions will say that he very quiet and seems quite serious, but very soon after that, you will see that there are many layers to this young man. In time, it becomes obvious he can be extremely talkative, rather quirky, and possesses a great sense of humor. So, first impressions, second impressions, and even third impressions will not give the totality of who Samuel is; that alone speaks to his quality.

It is a pleasure to see that quality, which has developed since his arrival. Samuel came to Rehema Home Nairobi with his older brother when he was three years old. The conditions he had been living in were grim. He was in poor health, malnourished, and unable to walk.

Today, he plays sports and has one of the largest appetites in the house. Thankfully, there is no lasting evidence of his start in life. We are grateful to watch the past give way to a bright and full future.