Mary Atieno

Birthday: March 10, 2001

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Rehema Home Mary DSC_5609.jpg

Mary was born in the city of Kisumu in the western part of Kenya. Mary’s mother passed away and her father was not able to take care of the three small children left in the home. He was then referred to Rehema Home Nairobi. Unfortunately, a few years later he passed away as well; leaving Mary and her siblings orphaned. Mary was malnourished when she first arrived and we found out in time, she is deaf, as well. However, we were able to give her proper nutrition and hearing aids for both of her ears.

Mary is a happy and healthy young person. She attends a school for the deaf and absolutely loves it! Mary is quite extraordinary in that she has taught herself to read lips. She is also a wonderful dancer. Mary also loves to sing, draw, and style hair. It is no wonder that her favorite color is yellow; the color of sunshine. People are amazed at how much she does and what she can accomplish.

Mary lives at Rehema Home Nairobi with her brother, Julius. She loves helping with the babies and they adore her. When she was asked what she likes best about Rehema Home Nairobi, she gave a simple, but very meaningful answer. She said, “It’s home.”