Joshua Mulili

Birthday: April 2, 2003

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Joshua’s smile precedes him. It is a smile that goes from ear to ear and is every bit as genuine as you think. Attached that smile is an incredibly sweet disposition. His manner is tender and his personality is cheerful. Most of all, his innocence tugs at the heartstrings. We love having him as a part of our family.

Joshua joined Rehema Home Nairobi when he was only a few months old. He was abandoned at the hospital in which he was born in Nanyuki, Kenya. He was then temporarily fostered by a volunteer until he could be placed somewhere permanently. However, he was when we received him and still is, a perfectly healthy young person.

Joshua is vibrant and animated. He is very typical for a guy his age—he loves football (soccer) and creative building, specifically working with legos. He also loves cleaning, which is endearing and unique. Joshua has dreams of being a pastor someday. We have hopes of helping that dream come true.