john chege

Birthday: May 21, 2001

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Rehema Home Chege DSC_5584.jpg

Chege has a very easy and sweet disposition. He has been that way since the first day he arrived at Rehema Home Nairobi. Chege and his younger sister Faith (who also lives at Rehema Home Nairobi) were orphaned and left to the care of a neighbor. Unfortunately, the neighbor was unable to care for the children and we were contacted. Chege was four years old then. Now he is a much-loved part of our family.

Chege loves riding his bicycle, eating cheeseburgers, and caring for the littlest children at our Home. He dreams of one-day learning how to drive. Chege will tell you one of his favorite things about living at Rehema Home is the gifts he gets for birthdays and Christmas. His honesty is refreshing!

He has a fantastic smile that acts as a window into his heart. Chege is the person everyone loves and he loves everybody in return.