What is The Bridge Campus?


The Bridge Campus will be a place where the children who have aged out of the orphanage system can live as they pursue their studies at universities, learn trades, or begin jobs. It will be very much like a dormitory, providing them with a place to live as they figure out their next life steps.

“The country requires comprehensive policies and programs that provide training, appropriate skills, resources, and market support for youth” (Obonyo, 2013), which is why on the grounds of The Bridge Campus, there will also be a separate director’s home to provide the essential mentorship, supervision, counseling, and continued love needed to help the children become equipped as future leaders within their community and the world.

On the campus, there will also be a place for volunteers and long-term guests to stay during their time of service at Rehema Home. The transition home will be located on a ½ acre of land within a mile of the existing Rehema Home in Nairobi.