Brian Shichenje

Birthday: March 7, 2006

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Brian is an amazing young person with a quick smile and mature disposition. Being the oldest at Rehema Home Bukura, he is usually the one that the others look up to and mimic. He is an others-first kind of person who is always looking for opportunities to help the other children living at our Home. Brian just turned 13 and he's taking on more responsibilities and learning new leadership skills.

At age two, Brian was abandoned in a hospital and later placed in the care of a children’s home which later became Rehema Home Bukura. At age five, he underwent a procedure to increase the function of his hands which were permanently swollen due a parasitic infection known as elephantiasis.

Brian has shown the world just how resilient the human spirit can be. He has taught himself to do all the things other children do such as riding bicycles, kicking the football (soccer ball) around, and playing boardgames. Brian attends a local school and is an excellent student. He loves getting hugged, eating chapati (flatbread), the color blue, and reading chapter books.